History and Genealogy of the

Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut

By William Holcomb Webster &
Rev. Melville Reuben Webster

Rochester, New York
E. R. Andrews Printing Company

John4 Webster (Captain John3, Thomas2, John1) b. July 10, 1702, probably at Lebanon, Conn., m. Aug. 20, 1724, at Lebanon, Mary Dewey, b. Oct. 24, 1704, at Lebanon, dau. of Josiah Dewey 2d. She was admitted to the church at Goshen, June 13, 1742, and he, Nov. 18, 1750.

1723, June 5, John Webster of Lebanon purchased land in Hebron of Nathaniel Dewey of Lebanon.

173940, Mch 5, John Webster of Lebanon, yeoman, buys of John Mory of Lebanon, land there.

1744, Feb. 27, Court appointed John Webster of Lebanon, guardian of Nathaniel Woich, minor son of Jonathan Woich. (May have been 1746.)

1744, April 18, Josiah Dewey of Lebanon, "for the consideration of my love and parentall affection which I do have and (10 bear to my two daughters, Mary Webster and Mehitable Buel, both of said Lebanon," gives two parts of land "in equal proportion."

17478, Mch 3, John and Mary Webster of Lebanon deed land there.

17512, Jan. 31, John Webster of Lebanon to Pelatiah Webster:

1756, Aug. 10, John Webster of Lebanon was chosen by Ebenezer Humphrey, a minor of Lebanon, to be guardian of said Humphrey.

1757, July 26, John Webster of Lebanon deeded land in Goshen, Le. banon, to Elijah Webster his son.

1761, Feb. 9, John Webster of Lebanon deeded land in Goshen, Lebanon, to his son Abel Webster of Lebanon.1761, Mch. 1, John Webster grants land in Goshen Society, Lebanon, to Elijah Webster, Jr.

1763, Dec. 2, John Bascom at Lebanon gives a tract of land to Elijah Webster, Jr.

1764, Nov. 6, John Webster grants land to "my son, Elijah Webster," being "part of the farm on which I now dwell." Witness: Phineas Webster of Lebanon.

1765, Apr. 6, Abel Webster son of John granted land to his brother Elijah Webster, bounded in part by land which John Webster had given to his sod Daniel, and also by land which Abel had received from his father, John Webster. (Deed in possession of George Bird Webster of Lebanon, Ct., 1880, showing that John Webster had a son Daniel.)

1772, June 23, a bond given by Elijah Webster was witnessed by Abel Webster and Daniel Webster.

No record of the date of death of John Webster or his wife appears.

CHILDREN: (Born at Lebanon, Ct., baptized at First Church.)

  1. Mary, b. June 6, 1725, bap. June 13, following;

  2. John, Nov. 29, 1727; (died May 10, 1750.)

  3. Elijah, Feb. 19, 173031, bap. Feb. 21 following;

  4. Grace, Apr. 29, 1733;

  5. Elizabeth, Sep. 15, 1735

  6. Abel, Nov. 23, 1737, bap. Nov. 27 following;

  7. Daniel, b. Apr. 29, 1740,(0. S.) bap. May 5 following.

  8. (John, again, b. July 17, 1751. This was probably son of John, above, b. Nov. 29, 1727.)

  9. A child, b. Jan. 16, 1743-4, d. same day.

John Webster, b. Nov. 29, 1727, is supposed to have died May 10, 1750 and not 1753 as given in the Dewey Genealogy.

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