History and Genealogy of the

Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut

By William Holcomb Webster &
Rev. Melville Reuben Webster

Rochester, New York
E. R. Andrews Printing Company

For the historic background of Gov. John Webster go here.

Gov. Webster's Family

Gov. John1 Webster. Savage says of John Webster who came from Cambridge to Hartford in 1636, "he brought from England his wife Agnes and children Matthew, Robert, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary. Perhaps also Thomas and William, though one or both of the latter may have been born on this side of the ocean. All of these lived to marry, and all left issue except William and Elizabeth."

No date of birth for any of the children of Gov. John and Agnes Webster has, so far as we can learn, been discovered. There exist some conjectures, and so, until something authentic appears, it will be well to await with patience the result of further research.

CHILREN: (Born in England except last two who, according to Savage, may have been born this side of the ocean.)

  1. Matthew;

  2. William,

  3. Robert,

  4. Thomas;

  5. Anne,

  6. Elizabeth,

  7. Mary.

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