History and Genealogy of the

Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut

By William Holcomb Webster &
Rev. Melville Reuben Webster

Rochester, New York
E. R. Andrews Printing Company

Captain John3 Webster (Thomas2, John1), b. Sep. 11, 1672 (also given as Feb. 26, 1673). at Northampton, and one of the first settlers of Lebanon, Ct., m. (1) Elizabeth (2) Aug. 4, 1709, at Lebanon, Grace Loomise. He died at Lebanon, Nov. 3, 1735 and is buried in the old cemetery at Lebanon. No record of the deaths of his wives.

At a meeting of original proprieters of Lebanon, Dec. 1697, who said that the land had been granted to them Nov. 1, 1695, they set off a quantity of land designated opposite their names, and to John Webster nine acres and three yards. About the same time a "home lot" of fifteen acres was set off to him, bounded north-west by the highway; south-east by the home lot of George Webser, south-west by the small street, and north-east by a highway near the brook. March 1700 and April 1701, more land was "layed" out to him, and July 5, 1710 is recorded another grant of land to him.

1712, Aug. 5, John Webster of Lebanon buys of Dr. John Loomis land there and resells it to him the same day.

1735, Dec. 26, John Webster of Lebanon, Thomas Webster of Hebron, Josiah Webster and Jedediah Strong and his wife Elizabeth, all of Lebanon, they, John, Thomas, Josiah and Elizabeth, being the only children of their late honorable father, John Webster of Lebanon, aforesaid, now deceased, and Grace Webster of said Lebanon, being. the widow of said deceased, being minded by agreement to follow the estate both real and personal, "to prevent disputes," they deed to her land in the Five Miles, etc.

Children: (By first mar., and all but last probably in Northampton)

  1. Thomas, Oct. 12, 1699 d. y.;

  2. Elizabeth, Feb. 26, 1701;

  3. John, July 10, 1702;

  4. Thomas, Feb. 8, 1703-4;

  5. Josiah, Jan. 26, 1705-6.

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