The following excerpt is courtesy of Tom Wetherell. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. Our thanks to Tom for his efforts and permission to post this.

Descendants of Reverend William Wetherell

Generation No. 5

Seth (perhaps)5 Wetherell (Samuel III4, Samuel II3, Samuel2, William1) was born Abt. 1738 in Hanover, Massachusetts (probably), and died Bef. August 10, 1798 in East Hartford, Conneticut. He married Hannah Jr. Clark November 29, 1764 in Hanover, Massachusetts. She was born July 23, 1745 in Hanover, Massachusetts, and died 1821 in East Hartford, Conneticut.

Notes for Seth (perhaps) Wetherell:

[Seth with a perhaps is placed as one of the 10 children of Samuel III. Hanover is where the family originated and there were three brothers there having children, but the age coincides best with Samuel III.... that is what the perhaps means.... at the worst he would be the son of one of the other brothers.... he just fits best where they put him.... beyond him, the data is fairly well documented.]

He and his wife were admitted to church at Wareham Mass, Sept 3, 1780, Wareham Church records, page 8

During the war with the French, he served from Hanover in the expedition to Crown Point, led by Capt. James House of Hanover, March 29 to Sep 8, 1756. removed to Wareham, MA., whence he served in the Revolutionary War. Hannah joined the First Church of Wareham, Sep 3, 1780. In 1784, he and his family removed to E. Hartford, CT., where he became an anchor maker. Hannah was admitted to communion at church there Oct. 31, 1784, being recommended from Wareham. The anchor factory where Seth worked later became the Hartford Manila Paper Mills, and subsequently a powder mill. His surname was misspelled "Wetherby" in the 1790 census. His estate was inventoried Aug 10, 1798.

Marriage Notes for Seth Wetherell and Hannah Clark:

m. recorded marriages before 1800, page 164, (Hanover)

m. recorded page 94, 1st Congregational Church of Hanover records

Children of Seth Wetherell and Hannah Clark are:

  1. Simeon Wetherell, born August 20, 1770 in Hanover, Massachusetts; died February 17, 1855 in Manchester, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Chase; born December 25, 1762 in East Hartford, Conneticut; died March 2, 1840 in Manchester, Connecticut.

  2. Mary Wetherell, born Abt. 1773 in Enfield, Connecticut; died January 10, 1850. She married Ozias Pitkin Bidwell September 27, 1793 in East Hartford, Conneticut; born 1770 in East Hartford, Conneticut; died March 13, 1844 in Smyrna, New York.

  3. James6 Wetherell, born Bef. August 16, 1781; died September 13, 1847 in Manchester, Connecticut. He married (1) Anne Symonds April 1804 in Manchester, Connecticut; born February 17, 1783 in Manchester, Connecticut; died January 31, 1830 in South Manchester, Connecticut. He married (2) Sally C. Spencer January 13, 1831 in Manchester, Connecticut; born Abt. 1789 in Manchester, Connecticut; died 1854 in Greddis, New York.

  4. Lydia Wetherell, born Bef. August 16, 1781. She married Noah Cooley Bef. 1800; born 1780 in Long Meadow, Massachusetts; died in Manchester, Connecticut.

  5. Margaret Wetherell, born Bef. August 16, 1781; died August 10, 1865 in South Windsor, Connecticut. She married Gideon Loomis November 20, 1792 in Windsor, Connecticut; born August 9, 1767 in Windsor, Connecticut; died July 23, 1834 in South Windsor, Connecticut.

  6. Hannah Wetherell, born Bef. August 16, 1781. She married James Calvin Bef. 1800.

  7. Lucy Wetherell, born Bef. October 24, 1784.

  8. Anna (Anne) Wetherell, born Bef. 1790.

  9. Rebecca Wetherell, born Bef. 1790.

  10. Seth Jr. Wetherell, born Bef. 1790. He married Asenath Chase; born 1802.

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