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Descendants of Reverend William Wetherell

Generation No. 3

1. Samuel II3 Wetherell (Samuel2, William1) was born October 10, 1678 in Scituate, Plymouth, and died Aft. 1720 in Pembroke, Massachussetts. He married Eunice Rogers May 26, 1698 in Marshfield, Massachussetts, daughter of Timothy Rogers and Eunice Stetson. She was born Bef. October 2, 1677 in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Notes for Samuel II Wetherell:

b. recorded Scituate VR page 406 (s. of Samuell [Samuel CR2])

"Records of Second Church of Scituate" NEHGR 57:182, Baptisms, Samuell the sonn of Samuell Witherell, Nov 24, 1678

He resided in Hanover and Pembroke, MA. Samuel received, on May 11, 1705, some land in Scituate from his brother Joshua that had been given to Joshua by his Grandfather, Reverend William Wetherell. On Oct 6, 1755, Samuel's wife (E)unice and two of their children (Samuel III, and Theophilus) signed a petition to the selectmen of Pembroke asking to have Samuel Wetherell "rendered non-compos-mentis, and by no means capable of transacting his privet business." The petition was granted Oct 30, 1755, and Samuel Perry (Parry) of Pembroke (his son-in-law) was appointed guardian of Samuel's estate.

(Plymouth County Court, March 1689/90, Lt. Anthony Callimer & Abraham Sutliff (both of Scituate) were appointed guardians to ".. the orphan children of Mr. Samuel Witherel, late of Scituate;" (Issabelle remarried in 1684, then died in 1689 and evidently her third husband did not want the responsibility of the Wetherell children or the Court felt that he was mishandling their inheritance.)

A Samuel Wetherell & Eunice his wife were finded 40s each for "Carnal Coppulation with each other before marriage." I believe this belongs here... Plymouth County Court, Sep 1698.

MD 39:128 September 1698 "Samuel Wetherell & Eunice his wife, "carnall coppulation with each other before marriage." (1:226)

Childs records page 9, list Samuel & his children with different marriages for Joseph & Theopolis...

they cite Scituate VR & the Mayflower Descendant

Notes for Eunice Rogers:

Scituate Vital Records, Mass to 1850 has "Unice Rogers"

Eunice Rogers was the great granddaughter of Cornet Stetson. She descended from Eunice Stetson, the only surviving daughter of Cornet Robert Stetson.

Marshfield VR as found in Mayflower Descendant, Vol 5, page 236. Marshfield records as found NEHGR 6:349 here-in called Anna Roggers, also as above spelled Unice.--+-----

Eunice's family is also found in The Ancestry of Joseph Neal, page 17, chapt on Rogers of Marshfield.

She is found in the Maine & Mass Families page 238, where the will of her father was probated and she is called Eunice Witherel, her family and marriage are shown there.

Thayer history, page 206, gives Eunice and her family.

she was baptised Oct 2, 1677, Marshfield, Mass

she is found in Some Ancestral Lines, page 308, with her parents and children.... marriage also.

Marriage Notes for Samuel Wetherell and Eunice Rogers:

m. recorded Marshfield, VR, page 23, Samuel Witherell & Unice Roggers

m. recorded Marshfield, VR as found in MD 5:237 Samuel Witherell & Unice Roggers were Married May 26t 1698

"Marriages of Marshfield, Mass", NEHGR 6:349, Samuel Witherell & Anna Rogers, m. May 26, 1698 by E. Tompson.

Children of Samuel Wetherell and Eunice Rogers are:

  1. Samuel III Wetherell, born January 10, 1699/00 in Scituate, Massachusetts; died Bef. 1710 in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

  2. Theophilus Wetherell, born March 31, 1703 in Scituate, Massachusetts; died 1759. He married (1) Mehetable Bryant January 30, 1725/26 in Abington, Massachussetts; died June 6, 1733 in Pembroke, Massachussetts. He married (2) Sarah Record May 22, 1734 in Hanover, Massachusetts; born in Pembroke, Massachusetts; died September 4, 1751 in Hanover, Massachussetts. He married (3) Desire Bishop 1752; born February 26, 1710/11 in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

  3. Isabell Wetherell, born February 20, 1704/05 in Scituate, Massachusetts. She married Edmund (Bowker) Burker March 23, 1726/27 in Scituate, Massachusetts; born in Pembroke, Massachusetts; died May 2, 1728 in Hanover, Massachussetts.

  4. Daniel Wetherell, born March 20, 1706/07 in Scituate, Massachusetts.

  5. Joseph Wetherell, born June 5, 1709 in Scituate, Massachusetts; died Bef. July 28, 1779 in Pembroke, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Sherman July 18, 1731 in Marshfield, Massachusetts; born January 27, 1705/06 in Marshfield, Massachusetts; died Aft. 1779 in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

  6. Samuel III 4(again) Wetherell, born January 25, 1710/11 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He married Rebecca Ferris April 19, 1736 in Hanover, Massachusetts; born Bef. April 19, 1736 in Hanover, Massachusetts; died Abt. 1785 in Hanover, Massachussetts.

  7. Eunice Wetherell, born June 1, 1713 in Scituate, Massachusetts; died February 21, 1795 in Pembroke, Massachusetts. She married Samuel (Parry) Perry September 27, 1734 in Pembroke, Massachussetts; born August 24, 1701 in Pembroke, Massachusetts; died February 16, 1781 in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

  8. Rev Timothy Wetherell, born August 10, 1715 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Caswell October 5, 1738 in Newport, Rhode Island; born Abt. 1722.

  9. Mary Wetherell, born November 26, 1716 in Scituate, Massachusetts. She married Samuel Hessord December 18, 1739 in Hanover, Massachussetts,.

  10. Hannah Wetherell, born July 19, 1720 in Scituate, Massachusetts; died January 7, 1807 in Scituate, Massachusets. She married Nathanial Robbins May 15, 1740 in Hanover, Massachussetts; born in Hanover, Massachussetts.

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