The following excerpt is courtesy of Howard Metcalfe from his manuscript "Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf." Our thanks to Howard for his efforts and permission to post this information. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. For the complete manuscript in PDF form go to his excellent website .

Descendants of Reverend Leonard Metcalf

Cornet Ebenezer 5Metcalf (Jonathan4, Michael3, Michael2, Leonard1): , son of Dea. Jonathan Metcalf and Hannah Kenrick. Born on 14 February 1679/80 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Died on 15 November 1755 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut, 75 years old.

Exposition on Cornet Ebenezer Metcalf :
Ebenezer, born February 14, 1680. . . . Ebenezer Metcalf, of Lebanon, Conn., was married to Hannah Abel. Mr. Ebenezer Metcalf died November 15, 1755, in his 76th year. His widow, Mrs. Hannah Metcalf, died ––.

A Modern History of Windham County, Connecticut Volume II By Allen B. Lincoln 1920: Transcribed by Charles Hoadly, Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from May 1726 to May, 1735; (Press of Case, Lockwood & Brainard, Hartford, 1873);

“This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Ebenezar Mettcalf to be Cornett of the Troop in the county of Windham, and order that he be commissioned accordingly.” A Cornet (normally spelled with one t) was a military rank bestowed upon a junior officer, one who carried the colors, comparable to that of Ensign.

Wife of Cornet Ebenezer Metcalf:
Hannah Abell , dau. of Benjamin Abell and Hannah Baldwin. Born on 15 January 1679 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut. Died on 17 June 1756 in Lebanon, 77 years old. Buried in Old Cemetery, Lebanon. Married Ebenezer on 28 April 1702 in Norwich when 23 years old (Ebenezer was 22 years old).

Issue of Cornet Ebenezer Metcalf and Hannah Abell :

  1. son Ebenezer Metcalf . Born on 3 April 1703 in Norwich. Married Thankful Delano , about 1728 in Lebanon when about 25 years old.
  2. son Benjamin Metcalf . Born on 12 March 1704/5 in Norwich.
  3. dau. Lydia Metcalf . Born on 11 April 1707 in Norwich. Married Stephen Lee, on 3 September 1753 in Norwich when 46 years old.
  4. son Dea. Timothy Metcalf . Born in 1710, probably in Lebanon, Tolland County, Connecticut. Died on 10 March 1773 in Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut, about 63 years old. Buried in Gurley Cemetery, Mansfield.
  5. son Joseph Metcalf . Born on 8 July 1711 in Lebanon.
  6. dau. Lucy Metcalf . Born on 25 December 1713 in Lebanon. Married John Baldwin.
  7. dau. Anna Metcalf . Born on 18 March 1716 in Lebanon.
  8. son Jabez Metcalf . Born on 30 November 1718 in Lebanon. Died on 15 November 1794, 75 years old. Married Sybil Bradford, on 11 December 1753 when 35 years old.

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