The following excerpt is courtesy of Howard Metcalfe from his manuscript "Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf." Our thanks to Howard for his efforts and permission to post this information. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. For the complete manuscript in PDF form go to his excellent website .

Descendants of Reverend Leonard Metcalf

The Reverend Leonard Metcalf of Tatterford is the earliest Metcalf(e) in this lineage who is considered proven by the best genealogical standards. The eminent genealogist George Andrews Moriarty concluded that “Considerable research shows the impossibility of establishing [beyond doubt] the ancestry of Michael Metcalf [the immigrant] beyond his father, Rev. Leonard Metcalf, rector of Tatterford in Norfolk . . . .”

Leonard of Tatterford was born in 1540 or 1541 in the hamlet of Apperside in the vale of Wensleydale, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. He was early educated at Sedburgh School, matriculated in the College of St. John’s, Cambridge University, in 1563/4 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1568/9. He gave up Catholicism and took holy orders under the state church. Leonard became Rector of the Parish of Tatterford in Norfolk in 1574 and Vicar of West Barsham in Norfolk in 1603 where he remained until his death. Leonard married Amy –– about 1579, in all likelihood in Tatterford. She was born about 1558, probably in Tatterford. Amy was buried on 22 December 1602 in Tatter-ford. Leonard was buried on 22 September 1616 in Tatterford and was later succeeded as Rector by his probable son Richard Metcalf. Leonard and Amy had at least eight children.

Wife of Rev. Leonard Metcalf: Amy –. Born about 1558 in Tatterford Parish. Died in December 1602, about 44 years old. Buried on 22 December 1602 in Tatterford Parish. Married Leonard about 1579 in Tatterford Parish when about 21 years old. Her approximate birth year is inferred from the birth dates of her first child (Richard, born probably in 1580 when Amy was about age 22) and her last child (Marie, born certainly in 1601 when Amy was about age 43). “1602 Amy Metcalf 22 December.”

Issue of Rev. Leonard Metcalf and Amy :

  1. son Rev. Richard Metcalf . Born in 1580 in Tatterford Parish. Died in March 1656/7, about 77 years old. Buried on 11 March 1656/7.
  2. son John Metcalf . Baptized on 15 August 1583 in Tatterford Parish. Died in March 1604/5 in Tatterford Parish. Buried on 17 March 1604/5 in Tatterford Parish.
  3. son Leonard Metcalf . Baptized on 3 September 1586 in Tatterford Parish. Died in August 1590. Buried on 10 August 1590.
  4. son Nicholas Metcalf . Born on 3 February 1586/7 in Tatterford Parish. Baptized on 8 July 1587 in Tatterford Parish when five months old. Died about 14 September 1661 in Blakeney, Norfolk, England, about 74 years old. Buried in September 1661.
  5. son Michael Metcalf . Born in 1590 in Tatterford Parish. Died on 24 December 1664 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, about 74 years old. Buried on 27 December 1664 in Dedham.
  6. son Matthew Metcalf .

  7. son Nynian Metcalf .
  8. dau. Marie Metcalf. Baptized on 28 August 1601 in Tatterford Parish. Died in December 1601 in Tatterford Parish. Buried on 7 December 1601 in Tatterford Parish.

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