The following excerpt is courtesy of Howard Metcalfe from his manuscript "Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf." Our thanks to Howard for his efforts and permission to post this information. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. For the complete manuscript in PDF form go to his excellent website .

Descendants of Reverend Leonard Metcalf

Michael3 Metcalf (Michael2, Leonard1) , son of Michael Metcalf and Sarah Elwyn. Born on 29 August 1620 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Baptized in St. Benedict Parish, Norwich. Died on 25 March 1654 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 33 years old.

Exposition on Michael Metcalf:
Michael Metcalf married Mary Fairbanks on 2 April 1644 in Dedham. He died there on 25 March 1654.

“Michael [son of Michael and Sarah], b. Aug. 29, 1620, m. Mary, dau. of John Fairbanks, senr. April 2, 1644, d. in Dedham, Dec. 24 [sic], 1654.”

Wife of Michael Metcalf:
Mary Fairbanks , dau. of Jonathan Fairbanks (son of George Fairbank and Mary Farrer) and Grace Smith. Born on 3 February 1621/2 in Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England. Baptized on 18 April 1622 in Halifax Parish when two months old. Died on 12 February 1672/3 in Dedham, 51 years old. Married Michael on 2 April 1644 in Church of Christ, Dedham when 22 years old (Michael was 23 years old).

Her birth date seems to have been in February 1621/22, 3 so it is assumed she was born on 3 February 1621/2 as given by Torrey, and baptized on 18 April 1622 as given in other records.

Her death date was possibly in 1676 or 1684 in Dedham, but that is in contention. A Mary Metcalf is recorded dying on 12 February 1672/3 in Dedham and that date is assumed herein.

Issue of Michael Metcalf and Mary Fairbanks :

  1. son Michael Metcalf . Born on 21 January 1644/5 in Dedham. Baptized on 26 January 1644/5 in Dedham when five days old. Died on 11 September 1693 in Dedham, 48 years old.
  2. dau. Mary Metcalf . Born on 15 August 1646 in Dedham. Baptized on 16 August 1646 in Dedham when a day old. Died on 22 March 1676/7 in Dedham, 30 years old.
  3. dau. Sarah Metcalf . Born and baptized on 7 December 1648 in Dedham. Died on 13 April 1718 in Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 69 years old.
  4. son Dea. Jonathan Metcalf . Born on 21 September 1650 in Dedham. Baptized on 29 September 1650 in Dedham when eight days old. Died on 23 May 1727 in Dedham, 76 years old. Buried in Old Village Cemetery, Dedham.
  5. son Dea. Eleazer Metcalf. Born on 2 March 1652/3 in Dedham. Baptized on 6 March 1652/3 in Dedham when four days old. Died on 13 September 1704 in Wrentham, 51 years old. Buried in Wrentham Center Cemetery, Wrentham.

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