The following excerpt is courtesy of Howard Metcalfe from his manuscript "Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf." Our thanks to Howard for his efforts and permission to post this information. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. For the complete manuscript in PDF form go to his excellent website .

Descendants of Reverend Leonard Metcalf

Dea. Jonathan4 Metcalf (Michael3, Michael2, Leonard1) , son of Michael Metcalf and Mary Fairbanks. Born on 21 September 1650 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Baptized on 29 September 1650 in Dedham when eight days old. Died on 23 May 1727 in Dedham, years old. Buried in Old Village Cemetery, Dedham.

Exposition on Dea. Jonathan Metcalf :
Jonathan Metcalf, son of Michael and Mary, was born in Dedham on 21 September 1650. He was baptized there on 29 September of that year. He died there on 23 May 1727, 77 years old according to his grave stone in the Old Village Cemetery. Hannah, noted as the widow of Dea. Jonathan Metcalf, died on 23 December 1731 in Dedham. “1650 . . . Jonathan, the Son of Michaell & Mary Metcalfe, was borne the 21 of the 7 mo.”

“Jonathan [son of Michael and Mary], b. Sep. 21, 1650, m. Hannah, dau. of John Kenric, April 10, 1674, d. May 27, 1727. She d. Dec. 23, 1731.”

Hannah Kenrick , dau. of John Kenrick and Anna Satwell. Born on 20 March 1651/2 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Baptized on 18 April 1652 in Boston when four weeks old. Died on 23 December 1731 in Dedham, 79 years old. Married Jonathan on 10 April 1674 in Dedham when 22 years old (Jonathan was 23 years old).

Issue of Dea. Jonathan Metcalf and Hannah Kenrick :

  1. son Jonathan Metcalf . Born on 10 March 1675/6 in Dedham. Died on 30 March 1739 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut, 63 years old. Buried in Lebanon.
  2. son Dea. John Metcalf . Born on 20 March 1677/8 in Dedham. Died on 6 October 1749 in Dedham, 71 years old. Buried in Old Village Cemetery.
  3. son Cornet Ebenezer Metcalf . Born on 14 February 1679/80 in Dedham. Died on 15 November 1755 in Lebanon, 75 years old.
  4. son Rev. Joseph Metcalf . Born on 11 April 1682 in Dedham. Died on 24 December 1723 in Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 41 years old. Buried in Old Burying Ground, Falmouth.
  5. son Timothy Metcalf . Born on 18 November 1684 in Dedham. Died on 3 July 1695 in Dedham, ten years old.
  6. son Eleazer Metcalf . Born on 14 February 1685/6 in Dedham.
  7. dau. Hannah Metcalf . Born on 10 March 1686/7 in Dedham. Baptized on 10 April 1689 in Dedham when two years old. Died on 8 February 1770 in Dedham, 82 years old. Buried in Old Village Cemetery.
  8. son Nathaniel Metcalf . Born on 2 April 1689 in Dedham. Died on 16 April 1752 in Dedham, 63 years old.
  9. dau. Mary Metcalf . Born on 30 June 1691 in Dedham. Died on 26 April 1747 in Windham, Windham County, Connecticut, 55 years old.
  10. dau. Mehitable Metcalf . Born in 1696, probably in Dedham. Married John Huntington.

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