Manchester, CT Keeney Questions
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The records below are laid out to show both similarities and conflicts between two sources of Manchester, CT Keeney history. It is important to note that I have focused on conflicts which impact my lines; there are many more lines that you will see I did not pursue here.

The left most column comes from notes by D. L. Jacobus, a well known genealogist, which were found in the "Keeney" file at the Manchester Historical Society. The right columns come from commonly referenced summaries in the "Keeney Update."

The Jacobus notes have the advantage of citations, though there are errors (i.e. see CT Keeney-Kinney-McKinney Clarifications). The Keeney Update does not pretend to be an authoritative source; it is there to guide people. Unfortunately, these Updates are often cited by others as a source despite a lack of primary evidence. As a result many errors are perpetuated and propogated without recognition that they all come from the same undocumented source.

The goal in laying this out is to provide a roadmap for research and/or to elicit any primary source information and clarification available.

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1. Alexander Keeney d. 1680 Wethersfield, CT
m. Alice Colfax
  1. Alexander b. ca. 1662
  2. Thomas b. ca. 1664 (twin)
  3. Sarah b. ca. 1664 (twin)
  4. Joseph b. ca. 1666 (see below)
  5. Lydia b. ca. 1669
  6. Ebenezer b. ca. 1672
  7. Richard b. ca. 1674 (see below)

2. iv. Joseph (Alexander) b. ca. 1666
m. Hannah Hills

    3. Children born at Hartford
  1. Joseph Jr. b. 8-Nov-1693 d. 1780 in East Hartford (probated)
    m. between 1742 and 1749 Ann (-) Forbes, widow of James Forbes, Jr.
  2. Benjamin 18-Jan-1695/96
  3. John 22-May-1699
  4. Hannah 7-Jan-1700/1
    m. John Risley
  5. Mabel 25-Nov-1704
    m. Joseph Roberts 3-Sep-1725 East Hartford
  6. Dorothy 29-May-1707
    m. (1) Charles Burnham d. at East Hartford, 26-Dec-1752 ae. 53. Will proved 5-Feb-1753
    m. (2) - Morrissy aft 1755
  7. Alexander b. ca. 1709 d. 1814 Coventry (see below)
  8. Susannah
    m. Joseph Kellogg, Jr. of Hebron 15-Nov-1739
  9. Mary
    m. John Ashcroft; will dated 4-Apr-1745, proved 7-Jan-1745/6, names wife Mary and children, Anne, Samuel & Timothy
Reconciliation: Documented sources and proffered opinions. Conflicts are in red.

Alexander Keeney of Hartford on 9-Jan1754 conveyed in exchange to "my Brother" Joseph Keeney of Hartford. On 21-Dec-1753, in four separate deeds, Mary Ashcroft of Glastonbury, Dorothy Burnham of Hartford (mentioning her late husband, Charles Burnham, deceased), John Risley, Jr. of Hartford and his wife Hannah, and Joseph Roberts of Hartford and Mabel his wife, conveyed to Joseph Keeney of Hartford land on the east side of Keeney's Point; and a similar deed was given 5-Apr-1754 by Joseph Kellogg, Jr. of Hebron and Susannah his wife.

Joseph Jr.'s will, not dated, proved 18-Sep-1780, gave to his wife Anna half of his estate in lieu of dower; to brother John Keeney's children, David Keeney and Hannah Keeney, one quarter; and to sister Dorothy Moucy (Moricy?) a quarter.

Joseph Jr.'s wife appears to be Ann Buckland Forbes, widow of James Forbes, Jr., which reconciles the conflict cited here.

Alexander, d. 1814 ae. 106, the Connecticut Mirror of 24 Oct.

As per "Keeney Update" Vol XVII, Number 2, Spring 2000

2. iv. Joseph (Alexander) b. ca. 1666
m. Hannah Hills

  1. Joseph Jr. 8-Nov-1692 d. 8-Sep-1780
    m. Ann Buckland, d/o William & Elizabeth Hills Buckland
  2. Benjamin 18-Jan-1695/96; probably died young
  3. John 22-May-1699;
    m. (1) Marcy Smith d/o Samuel & Mary Smith
    m. (2) Sarah Webster Case d/o Jonathan & Esther Judd Webster
  4. Hannah 7-Jan-1700 d. 1777 according to probate
    m. John Risley Jr. (b. ca. 1700)
  5. Mabel 25-Nov-1704
    m. Joseph Roberts 3-Sep-1725
  6. Dorothy 29-May-1701 twin of Alexander
    m. (1) Charles Burnham (1699-1753)
    m. (2) - Morley
  7. Alexander b. 29-May-1707 at East Hartford, d. 24-Oct-1814 Coventry
    m. Mabel Roberts in 1735 (see below)
  8. Susannah b. 6-Jan-1710
    m. Joseph Kellogg Jr. (b. 8-Aug-1717 at Hebron) on 15-Nov-1739 at Colchester
  9. Mary b. 14-Sep-1696
    m. John Ashcroft (1696-1745)

2. vii. Richard (Alexander). b. ca. 1674 d. aft. 1744
m. (1) Mary Miles, born at New Haven 10-Mar-1669/70
m. (2) Eunice (Fox) House betw. 1712 and 1725, daughter of Richard & Beriah (Smith) Fox, widow of John House

    3. Children of Richard & Mary (Miles) Keeney born at Glastonbury
  1. Mary b. ca. 1697
    m. Nathaniel Bidwell, b. 4-Nov-1688 in Middletown to Dea. Samuel & Elizabeth (Stow) Bidwell, 22-Dec-1720 at Glastonbury
  2. Elizabeth b. ca. 1699
    m. Thomas Loveland, Jr., b. abt. 1700, d. at Marlborough, CT 29-Nov-1795 in 96th year (g.s)
  3. Thomas b. ca. 1701, d. 1761
  4. Richard b. ca. 1703, d. 3-Jun-1789
    m. Prudence (-) (see below)
  5. Sarah b. ca. 1712, d. 29-Oct-1794 at Eastbury

    Probable child of Eunice (Fox)(House) Keeney
  6. Benjamin b. ca. 1718, d. 16-Oct-1793 at Eastbury ae. 75
Reconciliation: Documented sources and proffered opinions. Conflicts are in red.

"A Committee of the Town of Glastonbury, at the desire of Eunice KEENEY formerly Eunice HOUSE, Widow, laid out to her 12 acres in the Five Mile Tract, 28 Jan 1724/5." So maybe what we want to say is that they were m. bef. 28 Jan 1724/5.

I really think that Richard and Eunice may have already been married by the time of these two deeds. They seem to be conveying the same six acres, but maybe I am wrong and it is two different six acres:

29 Jan 1727/8 Glastonbury Deeds 4:7 Richard Keeney of Glastonbury to Thomas Wells of Glastonbury, 6A near a pond called Nipsick, Wit: Henry Hill, Thomas X Keeny, Esther X Strickland.

29 Jan 1727/8 Glastonbury Deeds 4:7 Eunice House of Glastonbury to Capt. Jno. Welles, 6A at the pool. Wit: Richard Keeny, Thomas Loveland.

On 4-Mar-1729/30, Richard Keeney, Sr. of Glastonbury, conveyed to his son, Thomas, of Glastonbury. Richard Keeney and Eunice his wife, conveyed 9-Jul-1733 to son, Thomas Keeny. (Glastonbury Deeds, 6:479)

Richard Keeney, Sr., of Glastonbury, conveyed 16-Feb-1743/4 for love to his son, Benjamin Keeney of Glastonbury, 25 acres in Hartford

On 7-Feb-1743/4 Jonathan Webster, then of Hartford, sold to Richard Keeney (Jr.) of Hartford, 25 acres bounded south on land of Richard Keeney, Sr., and north on Richard (Jr.)'s own land. (Glastonbury Deeds, 9:231)(This same land had been sold earlier by Richard Keeney, Sr. to Hollister, who sold it to Webster).

The deeds cited above would seem to corroborate Thomas, Richard Jr. and Benjamin at left.

John (right column) appears here and under Joseph above. A detailed genforum Keeney post places John as the son of Thomas (local version).

Then if we are to make Benjamin b. 1718 a son of Eunice Fox House Keeney, we have to move their marriage date up before 1718 and make Mary Miles Keeney's death date before then.

2. vii. Richard (Alexander). 1674-1744
m. (1) Eunice Fox (widow of John House) 1683-1744
m. (2) Mary Miles (1670-1720) in 1704

  1. John b. 1697
    m. Sarah Webster d/o Jonathan & Esther Judd Webster (b. 13-Jan-1718 Hartford) on 20-Jun-1750 at Glastonbury
  2. Mary b. ca. 1699
    m. Nathaniel Bidwell (b. 4-Nov-1688, d. ca. 1758), 22-Dec-1720 at Glastonbury
  3. Elizabeth b. ca. 1700
    m. Thomas Loveland (1724-1771) at Chatham, CT, s/o Thomas & Eunice House Loveland of Marlborough, CT
  4. Richard b. 1702
    m. (1) Rebecca Keeney (1705-1775)
    m. (2) Prudence Cate (1707-1789) (see below)

3. vii. Alexander (Joseph, Alexander) b. ca. 1709, d. at Coventry

    4. Children baptized at East Hartford
  1. Charles bapt. 15-Feb-1735/6
  2. Jerusha bapt. 13-Nov-1737
  3. Margaret bapt. 28-Oct-1739
  4. Alexander b. ca. 1741, d. at Farmington, CT, 27-Jan-1809 ae. 69
    m. Sarah Webster b. 8-Aug-1744
5. Children of Alexander & Sarah. All but 1st baptized at Vernon, CT
  1. Alexander b. ca. 1766
  2. Sarah bapt. 29-May-1768
    m. at Vernon, 24-Jun-1784, Daniel Dorchester
  3. Augustus bapt. 11-Aug-1771(twin)
  4. Erastus bapt. 11-Aug-1771(twin)
  5. Chloe bapt. 17-Oct-1773, d. 22-May-1776 ae. 2 1/2
  6. Warren bapt. 21-Jul-1776
  7. Chloe bapt. 17-Jan-1779
  8. Daniel bapt. 27-Apr-1781
  9. Chester bapt. 1-Aug-1784
  10. Peggy bapt. 12-Mar-1786
  11. Aurora bapt. 24-Jun-1787
Reconciliation: Documented sources and proffered opinions. Conflicts are in red.

Alexander, d. 1814 ae. 106, the Connecticut Mirror of 24 Oct.

Alexander Keeney's will, dated 13-Sep-1808, gave all his estate to his wife Sarah; son-in-law Gideon Morley, executor.

Records of the Third Church of Christ, East Hartford, CT, lists a christening "Feb 15 1735 Cloe Daugr: of Alezr Keeny" which makes Jacobus at left a transcription error ("Charles") and confirms the column at the right. Chloe marries her cousin Richard (see below)

Lots of conflicts here. After Margaret things diverge widely. Richard (at right) born in 1742 marries Chloe. There is not much dispute as to who Richard and Chloe's children are as shown in the next table. But Chloe's husband Richard died in 1813 and was 81 (i.e. 1732!) as per First Congregational Church records and his own gravestone. And if Alexander and Mabel married in 1735 Richard doesn't fit here.

I would also argue that John, "born and died in New London," and Thomas, "native of Litchfield," do not belong here either.

A detailed analysis of Jacobus' error in attributing the children to the left to Alexander and Sarah Webster Keeney can be found in "CT Keeney/Kinney/McKinney Clarifications" as a webpage or a Word download.

Most of these children belong to Alexander & Elizabeth McKinney, no relation to the Keeneys in Connecticut.

3. vii. Alexander III (Joseph, Alexander) b. 29-May-1707 at East Hartford, d. 24-Oct-1814 at 106 at Coventry
m. Mabel Roberts in 1735

  1. Chloe b. 1735
  2. Jerusha b. 1737, d. 13-Mar-1825
    m. Elisha Andrews
  3. Margaret b. 28-Oct-1739, d. 1817
    m. Simon Keeney, son of Richard & Rebecca Keeney
  4. Richard b. 11-Feb-1742
    m. Chloe Keeney (b. 1734, d. 17-May-1825)
  5. Theodora b. 1744
  6. Sarah b. 1745
  7. John b. 1746, d. 181, born and died in New London
    m. Abigail Lester in 1771
  8. Lt. Alexander b. 1748, d. 1796
    m. Martha Miner
  9. Theodore b. 1748
  10. Thomas b. 1751, d. 10-Jan-1840, native of Litchfield
    m. Mercy Lamb

As per D. L. Jacobus notes found at the Manchester Historical Society

3. iv. Richard (Richard, Alexander) b. ca. 1703 at Glastonbury, d. 3-Jun-1789, age 81 (gravestone)
m. Prudence (-), born ca. 1708, died 26-Sep-1789 at East Hartford, ae 81 (gravestone)

  1. Richard b. ca. 1732, d. 13-Dec-1813 in East Hartford (g.s. 25-Dec-1813, ae 81)
    m. Chloe
      5. Children of Richard & Chloe
    1. Stephen b. ca. 1769, d. 9-Aug-1840 at Manchester, ae. 71
      m. Rebecca (-), b. ca. 1772, d. 28-Dec-1834, ae. 62 (g.s)
    2. Russel b. 2-Aug-1772, d. 20-Sep-1859 at Manchester (g.s.)
      m. Jerusha Darte, b. 11-Nov-1771, d. 3-Dec-1840 (g.s.)
    3. Huldah b. ca. 1779, d. 13-Feb-1811 at Manchester, in 32nd year (g.s.)
  2. Simon
    1. Simon bapt. 30-Mar-1766 at East Hartford
      m. Mary (-)
  3. John
Reconciliation: Documented sources and proffered opinions. Conflicts are in red.

Very confusing here. Differences have not been highlighted. There is basic agreement in columns 1 and 3 as to 4. Richard's children. As described above, the question is Richard's parentage.

As stated above, Richard died 1813 age 81 which would put him in column 1. Additionally, the land records (below) put a Richard as having sons Richard, Simon and John which doesn't remotely match either column 3 or 4.

A genforum thread addresses the Mary to the right (col. 3), and puts her as Thomas' daughter. Keeney Genforum

Finally, all the land records below are for property on the Manchester/Glastonbury border which is where my Keeney family lived (specifically, north of Line St. bordering Isaac Hale's property.)

Richard Keeney of Hartford conveyed 8-Oct-1770, for love to his son, John Keeney of Hartford, part of his homelot of 21 acres.

On 30-May-1777, Richard Keney of Hartford conveyed for love to his son, John Keney, land purchased of Jeduthun Smith of Glastonbury, being one-eight of the land I and my three sons (Richard, Simon, and John) purchased. (Glastonbury Deeds, 12:649)

The will of Richard Keeney of East Hartford, dated 27-Jan-1789, proved 7-Jul-1789, gave to his granddaughter, Mary Keeney wife of Simon Keeney, Jr., furniture, etc. Simon Keeney gave bond as administrator.

30-May-1777, Richard conveys to son Simon 44 acres, bounded north by land I this day deeded to my son John Keney (East Hartford Land Records, 2:167)

30-May-1777, Richard exchanges land with son John Keeny (East Hartford Land Records, 3:32?)

20-Dec-1787, Richard Keeney of East Hartford sell to Richard Keeney Jr., of East Hartford 40 acres in the Society of Orford (Manchester) (East Hartford Land Records, 2:291). 21-Dec-1787, Richard Keeney, Jr. sells a portion of that land to his son David.

Will of Richard Keeney of East Hartford, dated 12-Jan-1809, proved 17-Dec-1813, mentions wife, Chloe, daughter, Huldah, and sons Stephen and Russell.

A Richard Keeney fought in the Revolutionary War (Pension file S13620) and was the son of a Richard Keeney. In an 1833 affadavit he references his father "who died many years ago." The fact that he is Richard, son of Richard, fits with a first son. Richard's birthdate of 1765 would fit well as the first child of Richard Keeney. Also, the reference to his father being dead, makes him a highly likely son of this Richard Keeney.

I speculate that Richard Jr. was not mentioned in Richard's will because of a major falling out over Richard Jr. being compelled to serve for his father in the War. It is referenced in a letter from Richard Jr.'s lawyer, in which he indicates a major rift.

3. vii. Alexander III (Joseph, Alexander) b. 29-May-1707 at East Hartford, d. 24-Oct-1814 at 106 at Coventry
m. Mabel Roberts in 1735

    4 iv. Richard b. 11-Feb-1742
    m. Chloe Keeney (b. 1734, d. 17-May-1825)
      5. Children of Richard & Chloe.
    1. Richard b. 22-Jul-1764 in East Hartford, d. 16-Dec-1851
      m. Margaret Porter (b. 11-Mar-1763, d. 14-Apr-1850) in 1785
    2. Stephen b. 20-Feb-1769, d. 8-Aug-1840
      m. Rebecca Hale (b. 3-1772, d. 28-Dec-1834) on 19-May-1788
    3. Mary b. 1770, d. 1850
      m. Major William Bentley (b. 24-Sep-1772, d. 9-1854) on 11-Feb-1791in Chemung, NY
    4. Russell b. 2-Mar-1772, d. 20-Aug-1859
      m. Jerusha Darte (1771-1840)
    5. Huldah b. 1779, d. 13-Feb-1812

3. iv. Richard (Richard, Alexander) b. 1702
m. (1) Rebecca Keeney (1707-1775)
m. (2) Prudence Cate (1707-1789)

  1. Richard b. 1732, d. 25-Dec-1831
    m. Mabel Keeney
  2. Reuben b. 1746 at Wethersfield, CT, d. 31-Jul-1797 at Bernardstown, MA
    m. Jemima Webster, d/o Stephen & Rebecca Williams Webster, on 22-Feb-1770, at Eastburg.
  3. Isaac b. ca. 1750, d. 16-Apr-1806

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