The following excerpt is courtesy of Tom Wetherell. Most of his extensive citations have been edited out for use here. Our thanks to Tom for his efforts and permission to post this.

Descendants of Reverend William Wetherell

Generation No. 7

William7 Wetherell (James6, Seth (perhaps)5, Samuel III 4, Samuel II3, Samuel2, William1) was born March 19, 1819 in South Manchester, Connecticut, and died February 27, 1887 in Manchester, Connecticut. He married Frances Celia Watrous April 5, 1846 in Bolton, Connecticut. She was born February 9, 1825 in Bolton, Connecticut, and died March 29, 1901 in Manchester, Connecticut.

Notes for William Wetherell:

1850 US Census, Hartford, CT,

Marriage Notes for William Wetherell and Frances Watrous:

m. in Bolton by Rev. James Ely April 5, 1846

Children of William Wetherell and Frances Watrous are:

  1. Arthur J. Wetherell, born September 1, 1847 in Windsor, Connecticut; died November 29, 1907 in South Manchester, Connecticut.

  2. Roselle8 Wetherell, born August 19, 1849 in Manchester, Connecticut; died May 22, 1910 in Manchester, Connecticut.

  3. Sarah Wetherell, born October 31, 1854 in Manchester, Connecticut; died October 14, 1918 in Manchester, Connecticut. She married Charles Moore January 3, 1883 in Manchester, Connecticut.

  4. Harriet Louise Wetherell, born January 21, 1857 in Manchester, Connecticut; died 1931.

  5. Emma Frances Wetherell, born April 27, 1861 in Manchester, Connecticut.

  6. Claudine Rogers Wetherell, born December 8, 1866 in Manchester, Connecticut; died July 22, 1893 in Manchester, Connecticut. She married Sidney L. Turner June 13, 1892 in South Manchester, Connecticut.

  7. Kettie Lucretia Wetherell, born December 19, 1869 in Manchester, Connecticut; died October 7, 1938 in Manchester, Connecticut. She married James Wright May 5, 1891 in Bridgeport, Connecticut; born 1867; died March 4, 1954 in Manchester, Connecticut.

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