History and Genealogy of the

Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut

It Is claimed that Robert, Earl of Warwick, received in 1620, with others, a patent from James I, and in 1631 the Earl transferred the territory of Connecticut, under that patent, to Lord Saye and Sele, Lord Brooke, Sir Richard Soltonstall, and associates, and, questions of government having been compromised late in the winter of 1635-6, between the patentees and the Newtowne people who were about to migrate, there followed the events above shown It is probable that Rev. Samuel Stone, early in the season, went to Suckiaug and joined Elder Wm. Goodwin, who had arrived the autumn before, and they, acting together for the Colony, secured from Sequasson, sachem of the Suckiaugs, the Indian title from the Sequins. Thus was established the fact afterward asserted by the English that they "purchased the disputed lands before their settlement upon them." (Love's Colonial History of Hartford.)

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