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Moses Simmons, 1st. (Moyses Symonson)
Ship Fortune 1621

Lorenzo Albert Simmons

Lincoln, Nebraska

Moses Simmons

Formerly spelled and written "Moyses Symonson" came to Plymouth in the ''Fortune," landing on November ninth, 1621, and is usually reckoned as one of the Pilgrims, being among the earliest settlers of Plymouth, and was a child of one whom was in communion with the Dutch of Lyden, and being admitted into Church fellowship at Plymouth, New England, and his children also admitted to baptism as well as our own. (Winslow's History 1646.)

Moses Simmons was married, (probably in Duxbury) about 1632 to Sarah (most of the early writers think she was Sarah Chandler, daughter of Roger Chandler, but no definite record obtainable.)

The Children of Moses and Sarah were:

  1. Moses, who married Patience Barstow about 1662.

  2. Rebecca, who married John Soul 2 (Son of George 1)

  3. Mary, who married Joseph Alden, 1654.

  4. Elizabeth, second wife of Richard Dwelley.

  5. Aaron, who married Mary Woodworth, 1677

  6. Sarah, who married James Nash of Duxbury.

  7. John, who married Mercy Paebody, 1669.

Moses Simmons died in Duxbury, in 1691 and his will was filed for probate by his son John, Sept. 15th, 1691, The inventory of his estate was taken Sept. 10th, 1691, by Thomas Delano and Edward Southward, and presented to the court by John Simmons.

The following is a copy of the will of Moses Simmons of the ''Fortune'' as it appears on the records at Plymouth and is certified to be correct copy:


I, being aged and full of decaye but in my right and perfect understanding and not knowing the day of my death, do will that my estate shall thus be disposed of after my decease;

In the name of God Amen

Item 1- I do will and bequeath my body to the grave and that it he decently burried and funeral charges defrayed out of my estate before any legacie. And my Soul to God that gave it me whome I trust hath redeemed it.

Item 2- I do will that all my personall debts be paid out of my personall estate.

Item 3- I will and bequeath to my daughter Mary, the wife of Joseph Alden, Four pounds.

Item 4- I will and bequeath to my Son Aaron. Four pounds.

Item 5- I do will and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth, now the wife of Richard Dwelley, Five shillings.

Item 6- I do will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah, now the wife of James Nash. Two pounds, Ten shillings, of which the said James Nash hath Two pounds, Five shillings in his hands already.

Item 7- I do will and bequeath to my Son John, Four pounds.

Item 8- I do will, constitute, ordaine and appoint my Son John to be executor of this my last will and testament.

So desiring that all my children may be at peace after my decease I do to these presents set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of June in the year of our Lord God, One Thousand Six Hundred Eighty and Nine.

In presence of

Benjamin Chandler
David Alden
Thomas Delano

The mark M of Moses Simons

David Alden and Thomas Delano, two of the witnesses here named made oath before the county Court at Plymouth Sept. 15th. 1691 that they were present and saw the above named Moses Simons signe, seal and heard him declare the above written to be his last will, and, that to the best of their judgment, he was of disposing mind and memory when he so did.

Attest Sam Sprague cler.

Inventory of the estate of MOSES SIMMONS late of Duxbury taken Sept. 10th, 1691, by Thomas Delano and Edward Southward,

Amount 53, 11 Shillings, presented at Court by John Simmons, Son of deceased, Sept. 15th, 1691.

Moses Simmons (II) Son of Moses (I) was not mentioned in his Father's will, probably because he died in March, 1676, about 15 years before his Father.

A true copy frqm the Plymouth County Probate Records,: Vol. I, Page 106.

Attest: Sumner A. Chapman, Register.

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