"Mayflower Families
Through Five Generations"

Volume Sixteen, Part 1

John Alden

Published by

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

pp. 59-61

Mercy Pabodie

MERCY PABODIE (Elizabeth2 Alden, John) was born at Duxbury, 2 January 1649[/50] (VR, 114; MD, 1:163); died between 26 September (will) and 8 November 1728 (probate).

Mercy married at Duxbury, 16 November 1669 (VR, 282; MD, 8:232), JOHN SIMMONS, son of Moses and Sarah (----) Simmons/Simonson, born say 1651 (Great Migration Begins, 3:1681-83); died before 9 February 1715/16 (appointment of administratrix). Moses Simmons, who came on the Fortune in 1621, named his son John in his will of 17 June 1689 (Plymouth Co PR, #18,375, 1:106; MD, 31:60). John was brother to Mary Simmons who married Mercy's uncle Joseph2 Alden (No. 4). On 7 April 1695 John Simons, Aaron Simons, and Job Simons "Sons of Moses Simons" divided property inherited from their father's will (Plymouth Co PR, #18,375, 3:44).

John Simmons served on the jury that held an inquest into the death of David Standish of Duxbury at the Plymouth County court of 26 October 1686. The jury concluded that Standish had died when a small tree he had been cutting fell on him. In March 1692 Simmons was on a jury which tried an action between Adam Wright and Benjamin Soul, and in September 1692 he was absent from the grand jury. In September 1690 John Sirnons of Duxbury was licensed as an innholder (Plymouth Co Ct Recs, 1:191, 206, 216, 221).

William Pabodie of Little Compton, in his will of 13 May 1707, left only one shilling to his daughter "Mercey" (Bristol Co PR, 2:193-95; MD, 6:132). At the Duxbury town meeting 7 March 1709/10 John Simons Senr was among those who entered their protest against acts made at the January town meeting dividing the town's commons (Duxbury Town Rec, 210).

Marcy Simmons, widow of John Simmons of Duxborough, was appointed administratrix of his estate on 9 February 1715[/16] and gave bond with Moses Simons of Duxbury. A settlement of both real and personal estate was signed 11 February 1715/6 giving widow Mercy a third of both for her lifetime and Moses, the youngest son, all lands, including his mother's thirds at her decease, plus two thirds of the personal estate in exchange for paying the estate's debts and paying "to his six brothers namely John, William, Isaac, Benjamin, Joseph & Joshua & his two sisters Namely Martha the wife of Samuel West & Rebecka the wife of Constant Southworth the sum of two hundread pounds" less "what any of them may have had already of their fathers Estate in his life time." Eldest son John was to have a double share. The settlement was signed by Moses Simmons, John Simmons, William Simmons, Isaac Simmons, Benjamin Simmons, Mercy Simmons (by a mark), Joseph Simmons, Joshua Simmons, Samuel West, Martha West (by a mark), Constant Southworth (by a mark), and Rebecca Southworth. Witnesses were Elizabeth Thomas and Elizabeth Wade. Acknowledgments were made on 11 and 13 February and 1 March 1715/16 (Plymouth Co PR, #18,343, 3:388, 400-01;MD, 19:52-53).

Widow Mercy Simmons of Duxborough made her will 26 September 1728, the witnesses made oath on 8 November 1728, and it was proved at Marshfield on 26 November 1728. The will, witnessed by John Chandler, John Fullarton, and Philip Dilano, names sons John (5s. and all my sheep), William (1s.), Isaac (5s.), Benjamin (5s.), Joseph (5s.), Joshua (5s.); daughters Martha (5s. and "my Riding gown and best pettecoat and whood and Scarf and red Silk neck cloath") and Rebecca (5s. and "my best Riding whood"); and son Moses ("my bed and beding belonging to itt and my cow and all the money not Disposed of"). John and Moses were executors. Inventory was taken 8 November 1728 by John Chandler and Philip Dilano and included "one Third part of the Estate that was in partnership between her and her son Moses," "her own proper Estate to a bed and beding to it," and among personal items "thirteen pound of tobaco" (Plymouth Co PR, #18,371, 5:487-89; MD, 19:53-54).

Children of John and Mercy (Pabodie) SIMMONS, all born at Duxbury, first four recorded there (VR, 156-57):

i. JOHN,4 b. 22 Feb. 1670; m. (1) ABIGAIL RICHMOND, (2)


ii. WILLIAM, b. 24 Feb. 1672; m. ABIGAIL4 CHURCH.

iii. ISAAC, b. 28 Jan. 1674; m. MARTHA CH, poss.


iv. MARTHA, b. 17 Nov. 1677; m. (1) EBENEZER DELANO,


v. BENJAMIN, b. Ca. say 1680; m. (1) LORAH3 SAMSON

(No. 209); (2) PRISCILLA4 DELANO (No. 215); (3)


vi. JOSEPH, b. Ca. Sept. 1682 (age at death); m. MARY


vii. REBECKAH, b. Ca. 1684 (age at death); m. CONSTANT


viii. JOSHUA, b. Ca. June 1688 (age at death); m. SARAH4

DELANO (No. 220).

ix. MOSES, b. Ca. Feb. 1691 (age at death); m. RACHEL4

SAMSON (No. 210).

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