The Lost Photos

My maternal grandmother, Doris Keeney Bradley, passed away in 1981. Shortly thereafter my mother sent a shoebox full of old family photos and slides from Connecticut to her brother in California. The package never arrived. My mother cried at the time upon learning this, believing the contents were lost to us forever. Fast forward 30 years: in April, 2012, I received an email from a woman, Kathy, in California. She had been in an antique/thrift store in California and came across some old photos with names on the back. An internet search of the names led to my website. She contacted me by email to see if these were my relatives. They were indeed. They had been part of the contents of that package shipped and lost 30 years ago.

Kathy wrote to me, "I have always looked at the backs of really old pictures for people's names. For the last 30 years, any time I see pictures at an antique store, I go through them. It boggles my mind how they get parted from the family. Not one person wanted them? Or perhaps an old storage locker that got repossessed? No clue. As odd as it sounds, in the back of my mind is a wish to return these pictures to their rightful owners."
Our profound thanks go out to Kathy for making the effort to reunite us with our family photos; a wonderful reminder that there are still plenty of good and caring people in this world.

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Alan and Janet Bradley, 1935

Herb & Doris, Miami 1937

Janet Bradley & Cliffie Johnson

Alan & Janet Bradley, 1939

Alan & Janet Bradley

Alan & Janet Bradley, 1942

44 Sterling Place, Manchester, CT, 1942

Herb & Janet Bradley, April 1944

1946 Janet Bradley, Jeanie Madsen, Carol Kelly, Dotty Gilman, Dickie Gilman

Harry & Dora Keeney, September 1947

May Bradley, Miami 1947

Doris Keeney, Miami 1947

Janet Bradley, Manchester HS Graduation, June 13, 1952

Janet Bradley, Senior Reception, June 13, 1952

Harry & Dora Keeney, Porter St., Manchester, CT 1947

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